Dual channels AR-2 series rectifier

Adaptable under any type of aircraft

Adaptable under any type of aircraft

Smart operational TFT display

Smart operational TFT display

Low noise level

Low noise level

Heavy duty design

Heavy duty design

The AR-2x400x28/48 airport rectifier is intended for supplying on board electrical equipment on aircrafts and helicopters with 28 V DC voltage during pre-flight preparation, and also starting engines in a 24/48 V system.

Could be manufactured in a mobile andstationary versions

Main characteristics:

  • Total harmonic content 2%
  • Brand new schematics and technical solutions
  • TFT display
  • Adaptable under any type of aircraft
  • High level of reliability
  • Low noise level
  • Possibility of modification/adjustment in accordance with the Client’s needs
  • Heavy duty design

Number of outputs – 2

Operation mode: 2×28.5 V

1. Nominal output voltage 28 V
2. Accuracy of output voltage stabilization + – 0.85 V
3. Nominal current with simultaneous working of both outputs 400 A
4. 60-minute overloading of output with interval minimum of 3 hours (second output current not exceeding 200 A) 630 A
5. Short-time overloading of any output for two seconds 2000 A
6. Nominal output power 24.0 kW
7. Maximum power allowance at output 36.0 kW
8. Ripple factor of output voltage max 7.4 %
9. Efficiency min – 92 %

Operation mode: 24/48 V

1. Nominal output voltage with series connection of output 48 V
2. Output voltage range with series connection of outputs 48-69 V
3. Nominal output current 750 A
4. Operation period, 750 A current (from cold state with minimum interval of 15 minutes) up to 5 minutes
5. Current imitation 750 A
6. Maximum total permissible output power 36 kW

Environmental parameters:

Air temperature, maximum +50 °

Air temperature, minimum -50 °


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