Electroslag remelting process furnaces (ERF)

Jointly with partners company TET Estel develops and supply multipurpose electroslag remelting process furnaces for production of high quality cakes, hollow billets, and also billets of variable cross section made of steel and iron and non-ferrous metal alloys meeting the requirements of up to date requirements in different industries.

Modern technology provides the following:

1.  Possibility to use various remelting process schemes:

  • in still thick bed crystallizer
  • in fluent crystallizer, including with extended melting part
  • in crystallizer with operating space of complicated configuration

2.  Implementation of monofilar (“electrode-casting bottom”) and bifilar (“electrode-electrode”) remelting process electric schemes.

3.  Use of different supply sources:

  • single-phase AC transformers of special purpose
  • sources, permitting adjust AC frequency within 1 to 10 Hz range and also perform remelting process under direct current of “direct” and “reverse” polarity

4.  Reliable control system of mutual travel of electrode consumed, melted billet and/or crystallizer.

5.  Control of electrode consumed travel speed due to the use of smart regulator to maintain the required procedure values of current and voltage in slag bath and more effective power distribution in it.


Automatic control system provides the following:

  • automatic maintaining of the preset electric mode, including supply source frequency control, avoiding electrical unbalance
  • electrode weight measurement and remelting process speed control
  • differential control of electric and slag modes
  • control of boundary position “slag-metal”, using non-contact lever meter, operating on the reflected signal capture
  • continuous check of main equipment components state, detection of emergency and non-standard situations
  • check of current parameters of metal and slag, including temperature and oxidation of the later


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