FCI generators to 22 kHz / 50-500 kW

Power: 50 – 500 kW

Power: 50 – 500 kW

Frequency: 0,1 – 22 kHz

Frequency: 0,1 – 22 kHz

Microprocessor control system

Microprocessor control system

IGBT-modules from world leading manufacturers

IGBT-modules from world leading manufacturers

Principal difference from TFC is in wider range of adjustment (with less influence to grid), more compact dimensions and higher frequencies working ability.

Manufacturing of converters with power, voltage and frequency characteristics different from standard ones are available on Customer’s demand.

All generators have IGBT-modules from world leading manufacturers.

Main advantages:

IGBT modules as power inverter elements seriously simplified generator’s power scheme:

  • leveling reactor critically decreased in gabarites
  • start block excluded

Thus overall gabarites and weight were decreased accordingly .

Microprocessors system principally widened custom characteristics.

On a contrary to TFC, FCI generator can work under при cosϕ=1, that increases efficiency.

Consists of:

Generators may be delivered in the following set:

  • generaator
  • generator with integrated cooling system
  • monoblock power supply unit (generator, capacitor bank and cooling system)
  • generator with separate interface cabinet
  • generator with separate cooling system cabinet
  Power, kW Outcome voltage, V,
3х380 3х570 2х3х570
 FCI-120 50-125 400   6 10-100% 0,1-22 50-100%
FCI-250 125-320 400   6 10-100% 0,1-22 50-100%
FCI-500 320-500 400 660 6 10-100% 0,1-16 50-100%


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